Spay Neuter Project (snip)

Our Work

The Seputeh Neutering Initiative Project (SNIP) helps roaming dogs in the Taman Seputeh neighbourhood of Kuala Lumpur get sterilised.
It’s a small programme with a big heart! We do not have a shelter, but instead, we work with feeders, vets, shelters and animal lovers in the area to help them help the animals.

What we do

We run a Trap-Neuter-Release scheme for animal control purposes, which includes the cost of sterilisation, vaccinations, deworming, and transportation.  We believe that neutering and providing basic vet care roaming and stray dogs can help ease the pet overpopulation crisis.

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Your support will help us keep our programmes running and available. Your contribution will allow us to connect, fund our outreach efforts, including vaccinations, sterilisations and public education. We are grateful for your support of our mission and participation at any level.