Foster Care Application Form


    Employment status Full TimePart TimeWorking from homestudentRetired Are you over 18 years old? YesNo

    HOME DETAILS What type of housing do you live in Landed houseApartmentflatcondo Do you have a fenced-in garden?(If applying to foster a dog.) YesNo How many people live in your household

    EXPERIENCE Have you previously, or do you currently foster any animals? YesNo What pets do you currently own? (multi select) dogcatothersI do not have a pet If you currently own a pet(s) are they sociable with other animals YesNoMaybeI'm not sure If you currently own a dog or cat, are they kept indoors/outdoors? Always indoorsAlways outdoorsMostly indoorsMostly Outdoors If you currently own a pet(s), is it spayed/neutered? YesNoI'm not sure Do you have any professional experience with animals? (Dog training, vet care, vet nursing, grooming, etc)* Yes I have experienceMinor experienceNo experience >Have you administered medication to cats or dogs? Yes, alwaysSometimesNo

    FOSTER ANIMALS Please tell us which animals you are willing to foster (multi select) cats onlydogs onlydogs & catsall animalsUnderage/underweight kittensUnderage/underweight puppiesCat with nursing kittensDog with nursing puppiesUnderweight animalsSick animalsAnimals recovering from surgeryBehaviour modification animals Will you be able to keep the foster animal(s) separated from your own pets if required? YesNoI'm not sure

    OTHER INFORMATION Does anyone in the household have allergies? YesNoI'm not sure Are you willing to cover the costs of caring for a foster dog except for medical expenses? YesNoPartial Check here to state you have read and agree to Canine Cares Privacy & Policy

    Note: We will inform you if you are selected to join any of our fostering programs.